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What's on offer:

Art  Counselling/ Art for Wellbeing                            available in person or via Zoom

Art therapy is a wonderfully flexible modality, which combines art-making and counselling. Different mediums may be used, and different themes explored. The aim is to assist the client to resolve issues and find ways to move forward, using the artwork as the 'third person' in the room. 
Creating art without consciously planning it can help us discover blockages and traumas, which can then be worked with in a non-confrontational way. 

Art therapy can be used in many ways, from trauma resolution to supporting life-limiting conditions.

I work in a way which is holistic, drawing upon more than a decade of experience, helping my clients working across cultures and faiths, and integrating theory with practice in a safe and nurturing environment.


'I've struggled  all  my life with anxiety and  depression and sometimes have been unable to go out. My art therapy sessions with Catriona really helped and while i still have difficult times, I can cope with them much better now'

'I've had talking therapy for years and never got anywhere. Art therapy really helped me deal with years of trauma and abuse. Catriona is a warm, supportive therapist and I loved working with her.'

The Havening Techniques®                      available in person or via Zoom
The Havening Techniques® are rooted in neuroscience, and are the result of research and development undertaken by Drs Ronald and Steven Ruden, who are based in the USA.
They can be used very effectively to: relieve anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, distressing memories and even  pain as well as helping to support positive growth through building resilience, self esteem and confidence. I often incorporate the Havening Techniques into my art therapy / counselling work.
Self-Havening which one can do anywhere, at any time, can be very helpful especially as a way of reducing anxiety and stress. 
More information available at :
Catriona Alderton is a Certified Practitioner of Havening Techniques®. Havening Techniques® is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.


'Havening is amazing! I was terrified of heights and  hadn't been in a lift for years. In one session Catriona helped me work out where my fear come from, we got rid of it and  its totally gone!'

'Catriona did Havening with me and taught me how to self-Haven. I use it all the time and have taught it to my friends and family.'

The Emmett Technique


The Emmett Technique is a complementary therapy, and is a unique form of body therapy. It involves the application of light finger pressure to specific points. It is based on the belief that this may help relieve tension and discomfort. Results can be instantaneous. Many people experience improvement in areas which have previously had restricted movement, and some have reported improvements in sleep patterns, enhanced mood and pain reduction, amongst other benefits.

I have been a qualified Practitioner since 2019, a Tutor of the one-day Emmett4Humans

(formerly Emm-tech) course since 2022, and am training as an Advanced Practitioner of the Emmett Technique, which I will complete in 2024.


 More information available at:


Art Journeys                                       available in person or via Zoom

Stand-alone creative, wellbeing workshops, held for small groups since 2020. 

Recent collaboration (summer 2023) with the Chelsea Physic Garden, London.

'I sometimes walk with crutches as I suffer with my knees. One time my knees were so bad  that I was in severe pain. I was seeing Catriona for a different therapy and she noticed I was struggling. She did some Emmett at the end of the session, and the pain and stiffness afterwards was much less.'

For more information or a free no-obligation initial phone consultation, please contact Catriona on email

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