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Sessions are held in person (London, Sussex) or via Zoom.

Individual art tuition

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a particular medium? improve your technical skills? or to use paint in a way which is relaxing and calming, in order to help improve your mental health and wellbeing 


Therapeutic art sessions

One to one or group sessions in blocks - usually 4-6 sessions- working with specific themes and art therapy techniques, incorporating relaxation, storytelling, poetry, visual imagery. Sessions can be tailored, or you can join a specific group.

Art Groups

  • Ongoing Art classes to develop and learn techniques. All mediums and subjects covered, in consultation with the group.

  • Themed blocks of 4-8 weeks in specific mediums/themes (e.g. pastel flowers, watercolour landscapes etc).

Create your own group with your friends- and choose what you want to do!  from one-off sessions to a block of 4-6 sessions. Minimum of 6 participants. 

Contact me for details -

'Thank you! I felt tired and a bit flat this morning, but revitalised after lovely art class.'

'My art sessions, creativity and positivity keep me going through the week!'

'Another great lesson, how I love my Wednesdays...thank you'

'Great step-by-step demonstrations and fab directions. Useful to have follow-up afterwards too '

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