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Catriona Alderton MACGI MBACP
  • Transpersonal Art Counsellor
  • Havening Techniques® Practitioner (Delta Wave Therapy)
  • Emmett Technique Practitioner (muscle release therapy)
  • Emmet4Humans (formerly Emm-Tech) 1 day  Workshop Tutor
  • Creative Facilitator, Artist, Art Tutor



I am a qualified Therapeutic Arts Counsellor (MACGI Level 7), and a practitioner of both the Havening Techniques and the Emmett Technique (muscle release therapy).

I have worked for several years as a therapist in one-to-one and group settings, both in my own practice and in the Third Sector (working for Street Talk, a charity which supports women who are homeless, victims of domestic violence (DV), struggling with addiction, and/ or trapped in street-based prostitution since 2016).

My therapy work bridges mental health and wellbeing, social prescription, community development and interaction, building confidence and self esteem, coaching and mentoring.

I have a deep interest in exploring spirituality and the creative process from a multi-faith and cross-cultural perspective, building on my experiences of living in Europe, Asia, and Africa. I work in private practice, with Tobias School of Art and Therapy, Street Talk, the Princes Trust, as well as developing and implementing programmes with my partners- Spirit of Peace/AATI (Arts at the Intersection) and Art Journeys.

Areas of specific experience:

Anxiety and stress



general wellbeing

building resilience, self-esteem and confidence

Increasing positive outlook

The Emmett Technique, a simple effective muscle release therapy can be used

in conjunction with art therapy, counselling and the Havening techniques.

Please see the 'Emmett  Techniques' page for more information.

Contact me for a free no-obligation chat at

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