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During the current Covid -19 pandemic, all sessions- both therapy and art tuition- take place via Zoom.

Therapeutic Art Counselling

Art for Health and Wellbeing

Art therapy connects directly with our emotions, and the unconscious. It can be used to enhance wellbeing, reduce stress and work through issues, including trauma. Sometimes trauma is pre-verbal, and working visually can bypass the need for speech and enable the transformation of negative experiences. Releasing and healing old hurts can be life-changing, helping us to move forward and build positive change.
Using art therapy to help resolve buried issues can be highly effective and nurturing for the individual. It can also help support those who are living with pain or illness.
Different materials and techniques may be used, depending on the Client's needs, and various themes worked with (e.g. nature, the seasons, myths and stories). No experience of art is necessary.
I am also a Certified Practitioner of the Havening Techniques®, a simple and effective touch-based therapy, which can be easily integrated into
sessions, and used as take-away self help tool. 

Research demonstrates that art  - both looking at it and making it-can be a powerful tool. It can reduce levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone), and Adrenalin, which can help reduce anxiety, and it boosts Serotonin,and endorphins - mood-boosting brain chemicals. It can also be a welcome diversion from difficult times.


By distracting ourselves with creative pursuits we can take a hand in our own mental wellbeing, while learning and developing new skills. This can be very empowering and liberating, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, where we are living under severe restrictions. 


I have been working with individuals and groups since 2010, helping them discover their innate creativity, develop a creative skill and boost their mental health.

Tips and techniques for working alone can help 

What's on offer?

  • One to one Therapeutic Art Counselling

  • Art for Health- group sessions using therapeutic themes and techniques to improve and enhance wellbeing, 

  • One to one / group art tuition 

  • Collaborations:

    • 'Art Journeys'​ in partnership with Bespoke group workshops for industry and individuals, addressing concerns, building social contacts, developing creative exercises. 

    • AATI (Arts at the Intersection) - founding member.  Facilitating guided workshops which bring the Arts to multicultural and interfaith communities,  and marginalised groups. 

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