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The Emmett Technique is a complementary muscle release therapy, which

is non-invasive and gently effective. It involves the application of light pressure to specific points in the body. This can reduce pain, release stiffness and tension, restore balance and trigger a relaxation response. The results can be instantaneous.

Clients post-session often report that they feel physically more in balance, and their range of movement is often improved.  The physical improvements can have a beneficial effect on their wellbeing, leaving them feeling calmer,  relaxed and more positive than before the session.


The Emmett Technique has been increasing in popularity worldwide since 2007, and while not a replacement for medical care, it can really enhance it. Practitioners include Phisiotherapists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage and Bowen Therapists, and other health professionals.

The Emmett Technique may:

-help restricted movement (even with long-standing issues)

-help ease tension and discomfort

-help clients feel more centred and balanced

-speed up the recovery process

-promote feelings of wellbeing

A first session usually requires 60-90 minutes, and the completion of a short

medical history.

Subsequent sessions usually last between 45-60 minutes, although this may vary.

Treatment often only requires 1-2 sessions.

I treat clients through light clothing, usually seated and/or standing.


Price structure: 

First session - usually 60-90 minutes- £75

Second/subsequent sessions - usually 45-60 minutes - £70

Short/'top up' session- 30 minutes- £40

Concessions/ group sessions available - please ask

NEW for 2023! Emm-Tech (Emmet4Humans) 1 day (8 hours) workshop for those wanting to help friends and familes. No previous bodywork experience required.

11 gentle moves to relax/ease muscle tension:

Necks and shoulders, arms/hands, mid/lower backs, hips/thighs, knees and feet.

Small groups.

For more information or to book/join a workshop, please contact Catriona:

''My technique is widely recognised as a gentle, safe and simple way to apply muscle release therapy based on an understanding of the body's response to light touch.''    Ross Emmett

'A short conversation about my difficulty eating sandwiches because my jaw was out of alignment, led to a check on my sideways balance, which turned out not to be great. Catriona found a particular point on my torso, touched it briefly, then checked my balance again. It was stable. I was amazed, and grateful. Emmett is gentle yet powerful. Thank you.' Jane 

'I have neck problems and sometimes can't drive as I can't turn my head. A short session eased the pain and stiffness. I could turn my head and felt lighter and more positive afterwards.'

WEBSITES/LINKS: – Ross Emmett, founder of Emmett Technique

'I now believe in miracles- 'The body keeps the score'. The first time I had Emmett from C I understood it was non-invasive and focussed on 'balance'. I mentioned my neck was painful and I had restricted movement..I came out feeling like an owl, with a much greater range of motion. The results lasted. 

I returned 10 months later with an old knee injury which gives me daily pain. I lunged 3 times and winced at the pain and restricted movement. C did her 'magic' and unbelievably I lunged again with no pain and less restriction. A week later I am pain-free and moving more freely! Very impressive results and in one session'.

'I struggle with my balance and often feel dizzy. One quick session and my balance was better. The dizziness receded over a few days then totally went!''


While most clients experience positive change (physically and/or emotionally), the Emmett Technique is not a replacement for medical care.  As a complementary therapy, it may support with healing and relaxation and reduce discomfort, but does not claim to treat medical conditions.

Testimonials are published with the permission of my clients, and are in their own words. 

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