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Art as a tool for Health and Wellbeing 

Using art as a tool for wellbeing, health and personal growth. 

Art has been used as a tool for communication for thousands of years. The Creative Arts are finally becoming widely recognised as an effective way to improve and maintain mental health,  and can be very powerful when used in a wellbeing context- to reduce anxiety, enhance wellbeing, connect with nature, reawaken creativity.

Art for Health is for everyone. We all have innate creativity, which sometimes needs some encouragement and support to flourish. Research shows that being creative reduces the stress hormone, Cortisol, while boosting Serotonin and endorphins. Working with different mediums can be empowering,  an outlet for frustration and boredom and a distraction from our concerns. Additionally, when we work creatively, we are using our right, creative brain, which gives our left, analytical brain some much-needed down time! 

Art Journeys fall into this category- created in 2020 for the staff of the Prince's Trust. they offer a short creative space which is intended to support and enhance wellbeing. 


Therapeutic Art Counselling is for those who need more support- it can be a highly effective way of working through unresolved or suppressed issues and traumas. Therapeutic techniques and gently supportive guidance can link to the unconscious mind, enabling us to work creatively with issues, finding solutions and assisting positive progress.  


Artistic representations can be altered and evolved- sometimes over time, sometimes very quickly- to work through issues, identify and change destructive patterns of behaviour, transforming both the art and the individual, and building the possibility of hopeful future outcomes.

Different approaches and techniques may help to:

  • resolve traumas

  • ease the discomfort of life-limiting conditions

  • reduce stress 

  • reduce anxiety

  • centre and ground clients

  • build resilience 

  • Increase self-esteem

  • boost positivity

  • increase focus

  • assist personal and spiritual growth and development

Other techniques which may be used alone or in conjunction with art therapy

  • The Emmett Technique 

  • Havening Techniques®  

please see other pages above. All modalities (except Emmett) available in person or via Zoom.

For more information or a free no-obligation initial phone consultation, please contact Catriona on email


Available modalities

  • Art Therapy

  • Art for Health and Wellbeing- 1:1 or group sessions

  • Counselling (talking therapy)

  • Havening Techniques (Delta Wave Therapy) 

  • Emmett Technique (muscle release therapy)

  • Art Journeys- creative workshops for industry, NGOs, charites

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Art tuition

I am a member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, AATA (Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Arts)

Images and artworks are either my own and may be for sale, or are used with permission. Testimonials are published with the permission of my clients, and are in their own words. 



instagram: artforhealth

facebook: Art for Health

art website: (currently under renovation)

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